Quantum computing is a new paradigm in computing. Quantum computers leverage quantum physics properties of superposition, entanglement, and interference to solve problems in a completely new way. However, there are many open challenges to work on, like developing quantum algorithms that solve relevant problems more efficiently and building robust quantum hardware.


Quantum Computing strategy from Moody’s Analytics

The finance industry may be one of the first to benefit from quantum computing, with many use cases which require substantial amounts of live data and complex computational tasks. The methods used to tackle these problems take a lot of time, space, and resources via today’s classical computers. However, some of these can be adapted and will potentially be solved effectively even on near-term quantum devices, providing a business advantage versus the classical approach.

Financial institutions need to understand what benefits quantum computing can bring them. At Moody’s Analytics, we are focused on innovation to better serve our customers and enable them to make decisions even faster than before. We are excited to announce a quantum leap forward with our exploration of quantum computing, which promises extensive improvements for computationally expensive problems that could impact on some of the core problems our clients face.


Quantum for quants training. We see quantum computing as something that will evolve and grow over time and we are developing the experts of tomorrow, today via easy to consume courses and training materials. Coming soon!


Generate thought leadership. As leaders in Risk management, we can help you think about the evolution of new technologies and how innovation can disrupt the finance industry. We provide insights on the latest breakthroughs in the field in the form of reports and applied research publications. We also offer consulting services, use case co-development, and internship opportunities, and we collaborate with different universities and research groups.


Improve and accelerate product speed-to-market. We are working on specific, high impact use cases, that are leveraging data, analytics, classical models, and unique insights at Moody’s mixed with the power of quantum computing in a way which is practical and realistic about what is achievable with today's and future’s quantum computers.


Preparation for Post Quantum Cryptography. Quantum computing is a threat to our secure communication channels, and we must mobilize accordingly. At Moody’s we are focused on achieving crypto agility while creating a practical and realistic Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) strategy and maintaining a robust cryptographic inventory to protect our customer’s data and our most valuable assets. Reach out if you would like to learn more about our PQC strategy.


Let's make the Quantum Leap together

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The road is long but full of discoveries and innovations and we are here to help you get ready 

  • Partner with us for use case co-development.
  • Participate in the Quantum for Finance Alliance.
  • Follow our group’s research to get the latest news and support on Quantum Computing.
  • Request training for your in-house team to become not just quantum aware but also quantum ready!





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