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17 Jun 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Liability management among Brazilian non-financial corporate, utility and infrastructure companies will prevent their liquidity risk from rising after emergency short-term debt issuance to ease the financial stress of the pandemic. Our annual study of Latin American corporate liquidity also includes reports on Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

13 Jun 2021|Moody's Corporation

We are placing sustainability at the core of our business. Learn more about our sustainability commitments and initiatives in our 2020 Stakeholder Sustainability report.

09 Jun 2021|Moody's Investors Service

The G-7’s call for global coordination on central bank digital currencies and stablecoins risks creating  a more direct relationship between citizens and public money that disintermediates payment companies and banks, a credit negative for those private sector entities. However, it also has the potential to generate public benefits through financial innovation, competition and inclusion.

02 Jun 2021|Moody's Corporation

We are delighted to be among the companies listed in Fortune magazine’s Global 500 companies list for 2021. This is the first time Moody’s has been featured on the list.

16 Jun 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Manoj Jethani, Laura Bazer and Rory Callagy discuss the reasons for returning the outlooks for global and US life insurance and global asset management to stable from negative. Plus, James Eck updates us on Puerto Rico’s debt settlements.

17 Jun 2021|Moody's Investors Service

The US average family recovery rate fell to 45% for companies that defaulted during the COVID recession, down from 59% during the global financial crisis. But the default rate peak was less severe than in previous downturns, hitting 8.9% in 2020 versus 14.7% in 2009. 

10 Jun 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Stablecoins, a type of digital currency, have broad potential within banking and finance, and for the overall economy, as a way to process payments, develop new products and bridge the gap between physical and digital currency. They also entail new risks that could undermine financial stability and monetary sovereignty if adopted at a significant scale without a strong regulatory and oversight framework.

Source: Moody's Investors Service
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Basel Committee’s proposed crypto-asset regulation is credit positive for global banks

New Chinese regulation requires financial institutions to have recovery and resolution plans, a credit positive

BlackRock's newly won access to China's domestic market is credit positive

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