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14 Aug 2019|Moody's Investors Service

The majority vote for Alberto Fernandez in Argentina’s recent primary elections resulted in a 15% depreciation of the Argentine peso, weakening the country’s economic prospects for the remainder of 2019. Barring a shift in voter sentiment during the October presidential election, a rebalancing of Argentina's political power structure appears to be underway.

13 Aug 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Greater adoption of 3D printing technology will likely usher in major changes over time for certain industries, with implications for companies' profitability and market shares. For now, however, 3D printing is used primarily in niche applications and represents a small part of global manufacturing.

12 Aug 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Despite steady growth in capital spending and dividends paid, the external capital needs of North American regulated electric and gas utilities will decline in 2019 because of sharply lower levels of maturing debt and the absence of significant M&A financing.

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16 Aug 2019|Moody's Investors Service

The ongoing protests will have a dampening effect on GDP, leading us to revise our outlook for Hong Kong's growth rate to 0.5% in 2019 and 1.0% in 2020, despite the just-announced fiscal stimulus. However, Hong Kong's high levels of wealth, its highly competitive economy and substantial fiscal reserves can offset the drop in growth.

13 Aug 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Infrastructure companies will be more selective in making overseas investments over the next two to three years, and state-owned companies will shift their focus back to China. These investments are long-term and bring geopolitical, regulatory, financial and governance risks, especially in emerging markets. Companies are taking more steps to address these risks, such as increasing their return-on-investment requirements. 

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Opposition win in Argentina primary puts economic policy in doubt, a credit negative for corporations

US appellate court affirms dismissal of lawsuit against Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and state, a credit positive

ICBC China will buy rest of ICBC Argentina from Standard Bank, a credit positive for the Argentine lender

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