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29 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Economic activity remains uneven and consumption is edging toward average levels but slowing. Consumers have yet to spend the cash they saved during the coronavirus lockdowns.

23 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Moody’s Investors Service is seeking feedback by October 22, 2020 from market participants on proposed changes to the cross-sector methodology explaining the general principles for ESG risks.

22 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

A survey of 85 banks, insurers and asset managers globally shows they have high volumes of contracts linked to Interbank Offered Rates (IBOR) despite their planned termination at the end of 2021. Most respondents say their transition plans are on track, but robust stakeholder communication will be crucial to mitigate operational, conduct and reputational risks.

05 Jun 2020|Moody's Corporation

Moody’s will commit $1 million over the next five years to promote equal justice and advancement of the Black community

29 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Digital technologies are helping businesses remain operational during the pandemic, prompting a reassessment of their long-term IT strategies. As macroeconomic conditions improve, this will benefit sectors such as cloud infrastructure services, cloud-based software, semiconductors and IT services. But IT vendors with meaningful exposures to on-premise hardware and software will be challenged, as will printer and printer-services companies.

22 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Overall credit effects of COVID-19 have been most acute for lower-quality debt issuers in consumer-sensitive sectors and for those with weak liquidity. Recovery over the next year will likely vary, with improvement the slowest for sectors already bearing the brunt of pandemic-induced business disruption.

23 Sep 2020|Moody's Investors Service

The benefits of low interest rates for corporate borrowers and infrastructure project debt issuers will depend largely on their exposure to local-currency debt. Low rates will challenge bank margins as asset risk and loan-loss provisioning threaten profitability, and they will hold back investment returns for many insurers.

Source: Moody's Investors Service
Moody's Credit Outlook

Brazil's new cybersecurity lab will enhance banks' defenses amid accelerating digititization

UK's new job scheme, changes to government loan programmes are credit positive for banks

Environmental requirements to invest in fleet, modify routes are credit negative for European airlines

Source: Moody's Investors Service
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Corporate Bond Issuance Boom May Steady Credit Quality, On Balance

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U.S. Upgrades Account for Three-Fourths of Affected Debt in the Latest Period

Source: Moody's Analytics
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