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Monitoring the effects of the pandemic

The six key themes shaping credit markets in 2020

Moody's response to the coronavirus crisis

05 Jun 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Early June data on trade, manufacturing and tourism indicate a firming of the global economy, with a recovery on the way in the third quarter, in line with our view.

05 Jun 2020|Moody's Corporation

Moody’s will commit $1 million over the next five years to promote equal justice and advancement of the Black community

03 Jun 2020|Moody's Investors Service

The US has lost more than 40 million jobs since March, but the pace of losses has slowed. The labor market recovery will vary dramatically, with some sectors quickly absorbing furloughed employees as stay-at-home orders and other restrictions ease, while others shed jobs permanently.

25 May 2020|Moody's Corporation

The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting economies and credit markets worldwide. The impact on issuers’ credit profiles and the economy will depend on the severity and duration of the crisis.

04 Jun 2020|Moody's Investors Service

Air passenger demand will remain depressed in 2021 and constrained in 2022 because of coronavirus concerns, changes in corporate travel policies, potential restrictions on international arrivals, and lower discretionary spending because of weaker GDP and higher unemployment.

01 Jun 2020|Moody's Investors Service

China's government released its policy focus for 2020, which includes a moderate degree of fiscal support for the economy, accommodative monetary policies and measures to support employment. The policies will have varying credit effects on different sectors of the economy.

01 Jun 2020|Moody's Investors Service

The regulatory capital ratios of all five US-based global investment banks fell in the first quarter because of higher provisions for credit losses and rising risk-weighted assets amid the coronavirus pandemic. Stock buybacks and dividend payments amplified the credit-negative pressure on the banks’ capital ratios.

Moody's Credit Outlook

US labor market begins to stabilize, but job losses in hard-hit sectors will be prolonged

Dutch bank's plan for mortgages coming off coronavirusrelated payment holidays is negative for RMBS cash flows

Mortgage insurers brace for higher delinquencies as unemployment rate spikes

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Long Stay by Low Rates Fuels Corporate Debt and Equity Rallies

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Credit Quality Deterioration Unprecedented

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