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21 Nov 2018
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  • 20 Nov 2018
    Moody's Investors Service
    Cyprus is most exposed to the related credit risks, but rapid house price and credit growth pose longer-term risks in Iceland. More economically resilient countries are able to carry higher levels of household debt without affecting their sovereign credit profiles.
  • 19 Nov 2018
    Moody's Investors Service
    US consumer consumption will remain robust during the 2018 holiday season as wage and job growth continues. Growth in consumption will continue In 2019, but at a slower pace than this year. 
  • 19 Nov 2018
    Moody's Investors Service
    We expect the European insurance industry to remain stable as economic expansion supports revenue and pressure from low rates gradually eases. This will help offset insurers’ rising risks from M&A activity and deteriorating asset quality as still-low yields prompt them to buy riskier securities.  
  • 16 Nov 2018
    Moody's Investors Service
    The revised FASB standard for long-duration contracts, effective for financial statements filed in 2021, will significantly change the accounting for life insurance and annuity products. The change will likely increase earnings volatility for the companies, but will also improve the transparency of GAAP financial statements, a benefit for investors.  
  • 15 Nov 2018
    Moody's Investors Service
    All 20 Amazon HQ2 finalists have competitive advantages that underpin current and future credit strength. Highly educated, tech-savvy workforces; strong university presence; available and affordable housing; and strong mobility options are attractive to younger populations that will comprise much of the labor force for vibrant, 21st century industries and, by extension, cities.  
The Big Picture

Six themes that will shape global credit conditions in 2018

  • Technology and innovation

    Financial technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, electric and autonomous vehicles and e-commerce will continue to transform production processes, business models and government regulation. On this page you will find Moody’s research about emerging technologies and their potential to affect credit risk in various sectors and asset classes.
  • Changing tides: politics, elections and credit risk

    The far-reaching nature of various political shifts under way across the world, particularly in advanced economies, has raised the potential for significant changes in policy direction. On this page, you will find Moody's research about key credit issues related to upcoming elections and political developments globally
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

    Market participants are focusing more on the potential for environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues to impact investment decisions and to assist in the development of a more sustainable economy. We capture ESG considerations into our analysis and ratings when we believe that such factors materially affect a debt issuer’s credit quality. This topic page aggregates Moody’s research related to ESG considerations in credit analysis and the growth and development of green finance globally.