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13 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

In our new publication, State of the European Consumer, we highlight how record employment and positive wage growth will sustain modest consumption growth throughout the European Union over the next six to 12 months. However, prospects of deteriorating global economic conditions are constraining consumer confidence, which is limiting some types of spending.

12 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

We have changed our outlook on the US mortgage insurance sector to stable from positive as economic growth slows and profit margins are poised to decline from unsustainably high levels.

13 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Public insurance proposals that Improve affordability and access to care for more households would be positive for US consumption. The fiscal impact on the US sovereign would depend on how these programs are financed and the effectiveness of cost saving measures.

04 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Though the UK’s population is ageing more slowly than its EU peers, the country’s healthcare burdens and adult social care spending will quickly rise. However, certain UK private sectors will benefit from the growing number of adults over 65. Seniors spend heavily on healthcare, banks will compete for older customers and the growing ranks of seniors will affect the housing market and its regulation.

14 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Growth in advanced economies will be soft over the next two years, while emerging markets will start to recover. Key risks will center on trade negotiations and the political environment.

11 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

An increasingly antagonistic global political environment is exacerbating the gradual growth slowdown, weakening institutional strength and raising the risk of economic or financial shocks. Rising event risk renders the global environment less predictable for the 142 sovereigns we rate, and raises the possibility of reversals in capital flows that would hit the weakest sovereigns hardest. Watch the video.

08 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service

The UK government’s institutional strength has weakened, as illustrated by the increasing inertia and, at times, paralysis that has characterised Brexit-era policymaking. The UK’s debt burden is high and unlikely to fall, given growing pressures for spending increases, with little clarity on how they might be financed. Brexit-related uncertainty has led to slower growth in business investment, which weighs on growth rates.

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14 Nov 2019
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14 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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