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17 Jul 2019|Moody's Investors Service

In the latest installment of our Global Trade Monitor, we discuss how trade tensions have reversed emerging signs of stabilization in global growth. Further crystallization of trade risks could leave a lasting impact on the global economy.

16 Jul 2019|Moody's Investors Service

The erosion of change-of-control puts makes high-yield bonds increasingly transferable to new owners of companies that may be willing to extract value at the expense of creditors. Loose change-of-control clauses are facilitating strategies by private-equity sponsors who gain flexibility without having to compensate bondholders. Asian bonds contain the strongest change-of-control put rights, but North American and European bonds' clauses have persistently weakened.

15 Jul 2019|Moody's Investors Service

In the inaugural issue of our State of the Brazilian Consumer publication, we discuss how the gradual improvement in employment since the end of Brazil’s severe recession of 2015-16 has contributed to consumption and economic growth. Retail sales are also slowly recovering, along with confidence.

18 Jul 2019|Moody's Investors Service

This report introduces the Moody’s US Financial Conditions Indicator (FCI), a monthly composite of 18 measures of financial and economic activity. For June, the FCI was modestly positive but lower than the prior four-month average, partially reflecting weakness in business confidence indicators.

12 Jul 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Regardless of the outcome of Argentina’s national elections in October, the government’s ability to continue implementing its structural reform program is increasingly uncertain given rising domestic discontent over the impact of government policies on growth and living standards. A shift in fiscal consolidation targets would threaten Argentina’s IMF program and access to market funding, thereby weakening its liquidity and increasing the possibility of a debt restructuring in the coming years.

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UK insurers face earnings hit from lower-than-expected Ogden rate increase

Japan’s regional and local government tax revenue increases, a credit positive

Strong fiscal performance allows Indiana to consider paygo financing for capital projects, a credit positive

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Likelihood of a 1.88% Fed Funds Rate by End of July Soars

The week ahead – US, UK/Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions

U.S. Corporate Credit Quality Weakens

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22 Jul 2019
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New Zealand's Evolving Policy Framework (Auckland)
21 Aug 2019
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