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10 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Regulation will strengthen China’s online financial services, which have grown quickly in the past two years, by forcing small, inefficient and risky third-party platforms out of the market. Partnerships between financial institutions and technology companies benefit both parties: they help financial institutions serve small customers more efficiently and provide monetization opportunities for technology companies.

11 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Global airline and aircraft leasing profitability will remain steady in 2019, while global shipping will contend with excess supply and trade tensions. North American railroad pricing and volumes will continue to benefit from a tight trucking market.

10 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Economic and employment fundamentals will support a favorable operating environment for US banks in 2019. Rising rates will support profitability, but incremental gains in net interest income will narrow. Capitalization will decline with increasing shareholder payouts, but the US banks’ capital performance in stress scenarios still compares favorably with global peers.

06 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

US RMBS credit quality to remain strong in 2019, but weaknesses are emerging The credit quality of new mortgages will remain solid owing to healthy borrower metrics and economic conditions. However, competition among lenders will lead to looser underwriting, particularly for prime jumbo and credit-risk transfer transactions.

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10 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

The outlooks for the Exploration and Production, Oilfield Services and Drilling, Midstream and MLPs and Refining and Marketing sectors in 2019 are positive, with EBITDA growth ranging from 8%-15% -- well above our 5% baseline for a positive designation. The outlook for Integrated Oil and Gas, however, is stable, with EBITDA likely to fall slightly in 2019 after rising around 30% in 2018 on higher oil prices.

05 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

A generally supportive operating environment will help banks preserve the stronger capitalization achieved in recent years, and still low interest rates will support borrowers’ repayment capacity and bank asset quality. Interest rate rises will help improve profitability, though low returns will persist for many banks. Geopolitical and domestic risks pose the greatest source of uncertainty for bank credit in 2019.

05 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Parliament's likely rejection of the agreement on the UK's withdrawal from the EU does not render a no-deal Brexit inevitable – and would therefore not by itself trigger a review of the UK’s credit profile. Our new report discusses various Brexit scenarios that could be brought about by this week’s vote and their credit impact.

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