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14 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Continued but slowing economic growth will support performance of global securitizations. However, end-of-cycle weaker underwriting and loosening documentation, as well as political, technological and environmental risks, will present greater challenges in the coming year. 

12 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Against the background of the ongoing recession across the national economy, Argentina’s provinces will face increased financing costs, weaker debt metrics and greater refinancing risks because of higher interest rates and exposure to foreign-currency debt.

12 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

The credit quality of European banks will remain stable in 2019, despite slowing economic growth and gradual monetary policy tightening. Profitability will remain a challenge because of persistently low interest rates and structural inefficiencies. Capital has improved, however, and banks are building up resolution funding. Global trade tensions and fragmented politics in Europe will be key risks ahead.

11 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Global airline and aircraft leasing profitability will remain steady in 2019, while global shipping will contend with excess supply and trade tensions. North American railroad pricing and volumes will continue to benefit from a tight trucking market.

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10 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

The outlooks for the Exploration and Production, Oilfield Services and Drilling, Midstream and MLPs and Refining and Marketing sectors in 2019 are positive, with EBITDA growth ranging from 8%-15% -- well above our 5% baseline for a positive designation. The outlook for Integrated Oil and Gas, however, is stable, with EBITDA likely to fall slightly in 2019 after rising around 30% in 2018 on higher oil prices.

13 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Global consumer packaged goods and US consumer durables’ 2019 positive outlooks are underpinned by strong EBIT growth of 4.5%-5.5%, as cost-cutting drives earnings growth. The outlook for global beverages is stable, with single-digit growth likely in 2019 amid subdued conditions in both the emerging and the developed markets.  The US packaged foods outlook is stable amid slowing operating profit and higher costs, but cash flow that remains strong.

10 Dec 2018|Moody's Investors Service

Regulation will strengthen China’s online financial services, which have grown quickly in the past two years, by forcing small, inefficient and risky third-party platforms out of the market. Partnerships between financial institutions and technology companies benefit both parties: they help financial institutions serve small customers more efficiently and provide monetization opportunities for technology companies.

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