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18 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Drug prices will remain subject to regulatory and legislative changes that would be credit negative for pharmaceutical companies. Hospital consolidation will continue. And Medicaid expansion would be credit positive for health insurers.

17 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

China's central government has authorized Chinese regional and local governments (RLGs) three months earlier than usual to issue part of their annual new-money bond quota. This will allow RLGs to better plan and spread issuance over the year and invest in infrastructure to support economic growth. New-money bond issuance will likely exceed RMB3.7 trillion in 2019, well above the 2018 issuance of RMB2.2 trillion.

17 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Ongoing trade disputes will likely have significant sector and regional impacts, including shifts to supply chains. At the same time, any imminent escalation of tariffs is less likely given the resumption of US-China trade discussions.

16 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Higher oil prices during most of 2018 have reduced fiscal and external pressures in the short term, but weakened the impetus for fiscal reform, leaving government credit profiles exposed to future phases of lower oil prices. Geopolitical tensions will remain a key source of risk in 2019, while climbing unemployment could pose political and social risks longer term.

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15 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Parliament’s majority vote against the draft withdrawal agreement means that a wide range of outcomes remain possible, from a ‘no-deal’ Brexit in March to a decision to remain indefinitely in the EU. However, the vote against the deal is not, in itself, sufficient grounds for us to shift our base case to a no-deal scenario in which we would formally review the UK’s credit profile and other affected issuers.

14 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

Slowing euro area growth is unlikely to trigger major financial policy changes among the region's companies. Many have a number of options to help shield earnings and maintain credit quality, including cutting capital spending, pulling back on opportunistic acquisitions and reducing dividends.

09 Jan 2019|Moody's Investors Service

The partial shutdown is credit negative for the US sovereign to the extent that it disrupts the US economy. A prolonged shutdown would negatively affect a range of sectors, including regional governments and consumer-facing industries.

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Hospitality Properties amends leases and will sell 20 properties to TravelCenters of America, a credit positive

Wells Fargo now plans to operate under the Fed's asset cap through 2019, a credit negative

Venezuela's increased minimum wage adds fuel to hyperinflation 

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