Topics are collections of timely and in-depth commentaries which offer insight into current events and trends impacting global credit markets. 

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2022 Outlooks
Moody's 2022 Outlooks explore the big credit trends and fundamentals shaping sectors and regions in the year ahead.
Africa: Emergence and transformation
The entry of several African sovereigns and large corporations into international debt capital markets prompted this centralized source for Moody's research.
Automotive Sector Transformation
Driven by technology, sustainability and changing consumer preferences, this transformation will have major ramifications for multiple sectors globally.
China Growth & Credit
Policy uncertainties, unforeseen events, as well as long-term structural challenges pose credit risks to China, increasing credit differentiation between domestic regions and sectors.
Coronavirus Effects
The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting economies and credit markets worldwide.
This page aggregates all research regarding covenants published by Moody's Investors Service.
Cyber Risk
The growing intersection of supply chains, connectivity and access to data is increasing the potential risks for significant cyberattacks on governments and businesses worldwide.
Debt Sustainability
High debt levels will create repayment risks. Low-rated corporate borrowers under liquidity or solvency stress may encounter increased credit challenges.
ESG Credit
Market participants are focusing more on the potential for ESG issues to affect investment decisions and to assist in the development of a more sustainable economy.
Global Investment Banks
Global Investment Banks have significant capital markets activities and business-model characteristics that can pose unique or pronounced risks to their creditors.
Islamic Finance
Islamic Finance is an important part of global capital markets in view of the rising demand in the Middle East and Asia.  
Libor and Euribor reform: what does the future hold?
Adapting to any reform or replacement of these benchmarks will involve numerous challenges and risks.
New Technologies
Technological innovation, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, is creating opportunities for new market entrants and risks for others that are slow to adapt.
Policy Shifts
Policymakers are scaling back fiscal and monetary support to varying degrees; domestic politics, geopolitical risks and regulatory actions set credit context.
Regulation of Financial Institutions
The latest developments in regulation and capital requirements for banks and insurers globally.
Reshaped Economies
Economic prospects are diverging across regions and sectors. COVID-19 remains the chief risk to the global recovery.
The Big Picture
New economic dynamics and higher debt loads are driving credit conditions. Policy choices, new technologies and ESG considerations are also setting credit context.
US Housing & Housing Finance: How long will this boom last?
Record-low mortgage rates and effects of the coronavirus pandemic have boosted home sales, prices and home-loan refinancings.