When you need to understand the companies and ownership structures in your business network, you will benefit from an automated approach to customer due diligence.

Moody’s Analytics KYC can provide powerful data on individuals and companies from across the globe, including extensive corporate structures and beneficial ownership data.

Integrate Moody’s data sources, and datasets from other leading providers, into your automated compliance workflows and existing back-office systems. Blend risk information with your own customer and prospect data to dramatically improve the efficiency of your KYC and AML processes. 


Solving AML challenges in Insurance

You can’t do business with a sanctioned entity or individual, so establishing KYC checks and gathering UBO information is vital. Control the risks of money laundering and ensure compliance with a solution that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Automate completion of due diligence processes on individuals or complex corporate structures
  • Bring KYC data checks into a process workflow to uncover risk and make better decisions about who to do business with
  • Onboard customers while preventing criminals from using your insurance products for fraud or money laundering
  • Access information on PEPs, sanctions, UBOs and more with automated screening processes
  • We offer powerful, accurate, and global sources of data you can trust. Decide who you want to work with – and who you don’t - while ensuring compliance with any regulations


Insurance companies we help

We have solutions for Licensed intermediaries that sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance on behalf of clients. We can help you automate KYC and know your supplier processes, no matter how many insurance providers in your network, no matter where in the world.

You can uncover risks associated with politically exposed persons or sanctioned individuals in your network. Then make risk-based decisions about what action to take next. We provide access to leading, accurate, real-time data you can rely on.

We can help you automate KYC processes and comply with anti-money laundering regulation anywhere in the world, for any insurance product. Uncover UBO, PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media data, and bring it together in one process workflow to get a 360-degree view of risk.


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