Automate KYC, KYB, and AML activity

Digitally transform your compliance program or evolve your current approach. Moody’s Analytics KYC solutions automate workflows, data checks, and case management throughout the compliance lifecycle. Create efficiency and better customer experiences.

Orchestrate customer due diligence, enhanced due diligence, KYC and AML checks based on your risk policies. Put the weight of activity on the risk engine and automation to reduce manual effort. Then bring people into the process where they add most value.


Digital customer onboarding

From automated policies to dynamic risk profiling to integrated data checks, customer communications, and escalation. Use our flexible, low-to-no-code solution to speed up and scale customer onboarding. Make every compliance task more efficient, while delivering great customer experiences.


Perpetual KYC and risk monitoring

Transition from set review periods and move to a model that’s driven by material changes that raise flags and trigger reviews. Use the solution to automate risk policies and integrate them with accurate datasets to flag accounts with material changes. No large-scale remediation needed. Perpetual KYC is efficient and cost effective - supporting a sustainable compliance function. You also create better customer experiences, as customers are only asked for information when it’s necessary.


Integrated data checks

Bring KYC and AML data sources into your own ecosystem.

Make onboarding and risk monitoring simple and robust. Chose which KYC and AML data checks to integrate into your processes and drive the best results.

Select rich, deep sources of data from kompany, Orbis, and GRID, along with other global providers for all your digital identity, fraud, risk, and compliance checks. Run KYC and perpetual KYC workflows for business entities and individuals anywhere in the world. 


Risk and compliance management

Get the business intelligence and insight needed to continually improve your risk and compliance program. See bottlenecks in a workflow right down to the task and check level. Get data for audit or reporting to stakeholders and regulators. And ensure continuous improvement with a full understanding of how your KYC processes are operating.

Put the weight of activity on the risk engine and automation, and reduce manual effort.


Third-party risk management

Combine data, technology, and people power in a single platform for third-party risk management. Make third-party onboarding and due diligence more efficient. Streamline your know your supplier (KYS), anti-money laundering (AML), and anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) research through Moody’s Analytics. 


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