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kompany KYC API/workspace

We help you solve the challenges of anti-money laundering compliance and Business KYC (KYB) by facilitating entity identity verification with our real-time network of commercial registers, tax offices and other authoritative sources worldwide.

The data is always retrieved from the primary source, in real-time and as a true copy. Company filings, register reports, annual accounts and ultimate beneficial ownership data are available seamlessly and securely on demand.

With two ways to access our KYB platform, via RESTful API or web tool, you can unlock the world’s primary source data and documents for entity identification, verification, and anti-money laundering compliance. 

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KYC API brochure

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KYC workspace brochure

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Global business verification

Two ways to access our KYB platform

Each access method can be scaled for your AML compliance needs with additional value-add services that include UBO discovery®, document translation, tax ID verification, and more.

Access method 1
Access method 1


Connect your compliance CRM or CLM platform to our real-time network of commercial registers, financial authorities, and tax offices around the world.

Access original data and documents on more than 115 million companies and add a specialized suite of KYB applications to your existing stack and ensure compliance processes use data that is retrieved exclusively from the primary source.

  • Structured datasets in JSON
  • Access to a real-time company search engine 
  • Instant delivery of original company filings and documents
  • Automatic client monitoring and real-time risk alerts  
  • Value added services, including perpetual KYB, tax ID and IBAN verification, and document translation 
  • Access to the shareholder identification tool, UBO discovery®

Access method 2
Access method 2

KYC workspace

KYC workspace is designed to simplify complex back-office needs. Complete real-time business verification, client onboarding, and enhanced due diligence with one secure web application.

Balance exceptional customer experience with seamless Know Your Business compliance in a fully collaborative environment.

  • Live search with access to more than 115 million companies (including financial institutions) 
  • Coverage in 200+ countries and jurisdictions 
  • Access to the shareholder identification tool, UBO discovery®
  • Tax ID search and verification, including VAT, IBAN and EIN 
  • On-demand document sourcing from non-digital government registers 
  • Translation services in 130 languages and multi-user accounts for team collaboration 

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Additional features and services

  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Tax number look-up and validation services (including EU VAT, US EIN, TIN & IBAN checks)
  • UBO discovery®
  • KYB onchain audit-trail and identity services

UBO discovery
UBO discovery®
KYB onchain
KYB onchain

Global coverage

Real-time data

1. Recognized primary sources

Register network of commercial registers, financial authorities and tax offices from around the world.

2. Time-stamped

Entity data is always up to date as it is retrieved in real-time at every request and time-stamped.

3. True copy

Data and documents are provided as-is to help meet AMLD qualification.


Proprietary network





kompany global coverage

Centralized resource

kompany developer portal

A centralized resource is available for developers, including information related to the kompany API.

  • Documentation library: API references with code visualizations, specifications (Swagger), sample code, country coverage lists, and release notes

  • Interactive console: Explore endpoints without having to set up a local environment for API testing

  • Community: The latest news on which features are being developed by kompany

  • Dashboard: Overview active plans, traffic, relevant account details, and any applicable sub-accounts

  • API status: Information about the operational status of kompany services and our network’s connection to registrars 

Live global access

kompany live search

The kompany live search seamlessly connects you to commercial registers, financial authorities and tax offices from around the world in real-time, providing instant access to primary source information on more than 115 million companies across over 200 jurisdictions. 

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