Entity and ownership

Get new levels of certainty on risks associated with third-party entities and clarity on their ownership structures. We have the most extensive company and corporate structure data globally, combined with sanctions and adverse media data to help you create corporate transparency and a true picture of risk.


Beneficial ownership

For ultimate beneficial owners – UBO discovery - look no further. Our solutions show you 1.2 billion ownership links, 1.05 billion historic ownership links, and 184 million active ownership links. Review a corporate group in its entirety. Our corporate trees reveal the ownership of your potential and existing business partners and third-party associates anywhere in the world.


Entity identification and verification

Our global register network provides a real-time information search to identify corporate entities and verify their business details. These details include registration number, register name, address, directors and officers, status, as well as original documents from official sources, such as register extracts, annual accounts, articles of association and more. You also have access to other essential tools like Tax ID verifier, which allows you to verify a customer’s VAT numbers, EINs, TINS and IBANs.

With direct connections to government registers, financial authorities and tax offices around the world, official company information is a click away. The entity data and documents retrieved from our comprehensive network are delivered to you time-stamped and unaltered, ensuring AMLD qualification. You get instant access to more than 115 million companies, with more than 5.5. billion company filings available for on-demand retrieval that’s accurate to the second. 


Know your business

Make decisions about the entities you work with having created a true picture of risk. With unrivalled access to a world of business data, we offer a streamlined approach to complex Know Your Business (KYB) checks. Access company information with world-wide coverage and decode complex shareholder structures. Automate AML compliance with a digital suite of services that makes completing KYB processes an easier task.

Our solution offers leading sources of company data to enable entity verification, risk classification, and AML compliance qualification. Whether you need to source original documentation in real-time or automate onboarding processes with the help of financial strength metrics and forecasts, our solutions provide uninterrupted access to the KYB data you need to get the job done.  


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