Automate your KYC and AML processes to control financial crime while growing your business. Moody’s Analytics is on a mission to digitally transform your risk management and compliance programs. Our low to no code solutions can be implemented with ease. Training KYC teams is simple and straightforward.

Our world-class solutions can be tailored to automate due diligence and ongoing monitoring for your company. We provide powerful data sources to complete KYC profiles. And a full case management solution where teams can collaborate. Make efficient, risk-based decisions about who you work with – and who you don’t. Understand where risk lies across your business network by implementing a KYC solution that delivers compliance and great customer experiences. 


Key risks Corporates are facing

Whether it’s understanding the financial strength of a partner; the trustworthiness of a supplier; your clients’ ability to pay; compliance with regulations; protecting your reputation; setting industry best practice; researching global markets, Moody’s Analytics KYC can help you build a picture of risk.

We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. Using our solutions, you can automate and streamline research to come to a faster decision you can have confidence in.

  • Anti-money laundering compliance
  • PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media screening
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Trade compliance
  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)


Industries we help

There are lots of companies we’re helping with information goals, risk mitigation, growth plans, and operational efficiency.

From the trading floor to high-risk jurisdictions, we can uncover risk.

Understand AML risks in your supplier, customer, and 3rd party network.

Uncover insight on high-risk industries and monitor the international suppliers, customers, and 3rd parties you work with.

Centralize risk management and build trust with international brands and 3rd parties in your network.

Maintain your brand and its reputation - build a picture of trust for the international suppliers and agents you work with.


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