Screening and monitoring

Get a KYC screening and monitoring solution that delivers precise results and a significant reduction in false positives.

Our sophisticated name matching technology with advanced, customizable search filters optimizes the identification of risks that are relevant to you. You also have access to a team of expert analysts via our managed services option. And our most advanced solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate alert processing with consistency and accuracy.


Customers, suppliers and third-parties

Our market intelligence data on a vast network of counterparties helps you control risks associated with vendors, suppliers, and other third-parties. Screen against sanctions lists, adverse media stories, and reputation risk metrics. Be more effective in your counter-party appraisal and selection processes, and proactive in relationship management by understanding where risks lie.


Sanctions and watchlists

Understand which businesses are subject to sanctions, including those sanctioned through indirect ownership and control. Go beyond watchlists and get the most up-to-date, accurate data, sourced directly from government authorities. Combine that with a comprehensive record of individuals and organizations connected to sanctioned entities and integrate it directly with your automated monitoring workflows and you have a powerful solution to a complicated challenge. 


Adverse media

Uncover a huge swath of risks through negative news screening. We gather global adverse media stories from more than 120,000 trusted sources. Profiles in our database surface relevant negative news across 50+ categories of risk. 


Politically exposed persons

Our politically exposed persons (PEPs) dataset uses a unique risk-rating system that considers the country, position, level, and event risks associated with PEPs.


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