At Moody’s Analytics KYC, we help Government departments across the world access the KYC data and analytics they need to solve unique compliance challenges.

Drive efficiency in a cost-effective way by balancing people, data, and technology in your compliance processes. 


Key Challenges in Government

We recognize the unique challenges facing government agencies. Our best-in-class approach to KYC will provide the tools you need.

Moody's Analytics provides an integrated approach to KYC that delivers innovation and an end-to-end risk management and compliance solution for Government entities.

Integrate Moody's data sets and other sources of data through a single solution to complete a fuller picture of risk, from which you can draw actionable insights.

Data on individuals and entities changes all the time, so Moody's GRID and Orbis solutions automatically updates information for your risk monitoring activity.

Moody's Analytics KYC product suite can be customized to meet a wide range of risk and compliance use cases. PassFort Lifecycle’s workflow automation, and Orbis and GRID’s data filters can be adjusted to your department's specific requirements.


Government departments we help

Our tools enable you to access data and automate checks that help identify risk and prevent fraud.

Screen risks associated with individuals or companies. Complete due diligence and meet AML compliance requirements.

Automate screening processes to understand threats to intellectual property and economic security.

Analyze and confirm compliance for movement of individuals and goods.

Complete screening processes harnessing automation to understand and defend against threats to national security or public safety.

Identify, verify, and link companies and individuals involved in transnational business activity.

Get context and analytics driven insight on targets. Understand networks and relationships through our powerful, global datasets.

Maximize the manual tasks associated with revenue collection, while also preventing fraud. And ensure accuracy in tracing debtors.

Prevent financial fraud in benefits administration – automatically screen for risk associated with individuals and companies.

In research and benchmarking exercises, inform and enforce standards, regulations, and policies using a digital workflow solution.

In research and benchmarking exercises, form opinions to influence future standards, regulations, and policies.


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