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Moody's KMV
Moody's KMV is the world's leading provider of quantitative credit analysis tools to lenders, investors, and corporations. We help clients enhance the economic returns in their businesses. We create products and services. Based upon a sophisticated application of modern financial theory and statistical analysis. These tools transform vast amounts of financial data and knowledge into applied insight to manage credit. As our clients employ our products and services to more effectively manage credit risk, we drive the evolution of more liquid credit markets.

Moody's KMV has approached its business with an eye toward innovation and a focus on the creation of a comprehensive suite of tools and services to enable our clients to make better economic decisions based on state-of-the-art credit analysis.

Moody's KMV products are used by more than 2,000 leading commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, money management firms, and corporations in over 80 countries. Our products and services are used by most of the 100 largest financial institutions in the world. Moody's KMV has offices around the world to serve our global customer base.

From our inception, Moody's KMV led the way in helping investors, lenders, and corporations understand and adopt the most advanced methods and tools to measure and manage credit risk. In the late 1980s, we created the Moody's KMV EDF™ (Expected Default Frequency) credit measure, which dramatically changed the way credit risk was measured throughout the world. More recently, we introduced the Moody's KMV RiskCalc® network of globally comparable private company models that similarly revolutionized the way in which middle-market credit is analyzed both by banks and in the structured finance markets. We also released Moody's KMV LossCalc™, the first commercially available predictive model of Loss Given Default (LGD). Our commitment to delivering practical solutions is matched by our commitment to provide education and training to ensure that our clients understand the complex but essential concepts inherent in advanced credit risk analysis and management. In addition to client education, Moody's KMV is an active participant in academic research, sponsoring research grants and academic forums to advance the state of knowledge about credit risk for all market participants.

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