In a world where data is increasingly abundant, credible insight is rare

Good decisions rely on good inputs. Our analytical tools become trusted global standards for understanding the risk of doing business with others. With capabilities designed to optimize decision-making processes across organizations of all sizes, we are the chosen partner of leaders worldwide for advancing strategies for growth, risk management, sustainability and capital market access.


A wind-turbine manufacturer can obtain a credit rating on its bond issuance

A bank can evaluate the credit risk profile of a small business owner


An insurance company can automate EU solvency capital calculation and reporting requirements

A global real estate firm can research its next investment

A car manufacturer can understand the risk of its manufacturing footprint and supply chain from climate risk


$72+ trillion

in rated debt

18+ million

US properties in our commercial real estate database

530+ million

economic, financial, and
demographic time series


global events and outreach activities

10+ million

facilities with climate risk scores

200+ million

financial statements representing more than 40 million global private firms


credit-related research pieces published annually

400+ million

companies in our private company database


rated entities and transactions




Moody’s provides organized, relevant and proprietary data resources that can be easily integrated into existing frameworks and processes.


Analytical Solutions

Moody’s provides tools that help leaders of organizations understand and process data. From economic forecasts to risk models and software, our solutions help decision makers efficiently identify and act on the most important and relevant information for their business.


Credit Analysis

Moody’s delivers independent, in-depth and transparent opinions on credit risk through its credit ratings. Our opinions enable issuers to efficiently access debt markets and investors to compare credit risk across countries and asset classes.



Moody’s offers non-credit assessments that provide transparency and disclosures across risk categories, such as ESG and cyber risk, helping organizations navigate an evolving marketplace.



Moody’s global coverage, expertise, track record and unique data sets shape our economic and credit market research, helping business leaders stay ahead of the curve.


Preparing for our future

We invest in strategic initiatives to serve a growing set of customers by expanding into new geographies and building capabilities adjacent to our core businesses.

David Platt

Chief Strategy Officer


Moody’s is committed to helping market participants advance strategic resilience, responsible capitalism, and the greening of the economy. Our offerings span across credit, ESG, sustainable finance, and climate risk solutions and help our customers identify risks and opportunities and provide meaningful performance measurements and insights.



Moody’s, best known for rating corporate and government debt, is diving into disaster and climate-change risk modeling and agreed to acquire RMS, a catastrophe risk-management and modeling firm, for about $2 billion.

Data, Technology & Innovation

Innovation is a critical function as technology and computing power change business processes and data becomes increasingly critical to finding opportunities for growth and assessing a range of risks. We support our customers’ digital transformation and automation by applying the most relevant modern technologies to support analytical processes and deliver our data and expertise. Through a combination of enhanced data sets, such as the world’s largest collection of private credit risk data, and machine learning capabilities, we offer solutions that bring valuable insight faster than ever before.

Spotlight on Cyber

The rise of cyberattacks has cost companies billions of dollars and threatened the stability of businesses across the globe. It is now essential for business leaders to assess and quantify their cyber risk as it relates to corporate decision making. Moody’s has recently invested in BitSight to create an integrated cybersecurity risk platform that will provide cybersecurity ratings and analytics at scale to help leaders make better decisions.

Supporting Growth in China

Since Moody's opened the first of its several offices in China in 1993, our long-term commitment to contributing constructively to China’s growth remains at the heart of everything we do in China. The track record that Moody’s has built in serving Chinese customers as well as our investments in CCXI, SynTao Green Finance and MioTech exemplify this commitment, which we expect will deepen in the years ahead as we help our customers seize the unique opportunities that China has to offer.

Linked services to provide a deeper, holistic understanding of risk

We enable Chinese debt issuers to access international funding through our credit ratings, and participate in the onshore bond market through our joint venture with CCXI, China’s largest domestic credit rating agency. In addition, we provide Chinese financial institutions, corporations and other entities with insight and analytical solutions. Finally, our investment in SynTao Green Finance has deepened our engagement in China’s financial markets with a focus on supporting sustainability and ESG.

Commercial Real Estate

Our goal is to become the leading source of data and analytics for commercial real estate (CRE) transactions. The CRE landscape is rapidly evolving as alternative business models, emerging technologies, and new data sets reshape conventional approaches to risk assessment.  
As CRE analysis becomes ever more complex, requiring multiple model inputs from tenant credit assessments to economic forecasts, we are driven to bring clarity to financial institutions and other organizations with significant exposures to this asset class. Through in-house innovations and external partnerships, we equip CRE industry players with advanced solutions that enable them to monitor portfolios and optimize workflows for better, faster lending and investment decisions.

Building solutions to set new standards for CRE analysis


Know-Your-Customer & Compliance and Financial Crime

Really knowing your business partners and customers, and other third parties, is an increasingly complex challenge as regulatory pressures evolve, and bad players become more adept at concealing themselves. 

We are expanding our Know-Your-Customer capabilities to help organizations perform customer research more efficiently. With the world’s most powerful comparable data with extensive corporate structures and beneficial ownership, linked with politically exposed persons, sanctions and other adverse data to deliver new levels of certainty on third parties, and the individuals behind them. We can also help enterprises and public entities explore where the power and control lie in an organization – regardless of levels of ownership. 

Our detailed, reliable information for third-party due diligence, anti-money laundering and know-your-customer compliance helps minimize reputation damage and risk exposure. In addition, our data capabilities can help with compliance in the areas of the EU Directives, anti-money laundering, FATCA, OFAC and general reputation risk management and business partner due diligence.

Our recent acquisitions of Bogard AB and PassFort Limited, and planned acquisition of 360kompany AG (kompany), complement Moody’s technology, data and analytical capabilities, and enhance our industry-leading customer solutions for Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering, compliance and counterparty risk.  Moody’s will integrate Bogard, PassFort and kompany into its KYC business within Moody’s Analytics, where they will augment the Orbis company database and the GRID database of risk profiles, adverse news, politically exposed persons and sanctions. In addition, the integration of PassFort’s platform into Moody’s suite of KYC and compliance offerings will create a more holistic workflow solution, allowing customers to incorporate Moody’s data, including credit, cyber, ESG and climate analytics, directly into their proprietary processes. Furthermore, kompany’s API will enable Moody’s customers to complete shareholder analysis and entity verification in real-time, as well as retrieve original company filings and documents to meet their regulatory demands.

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